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Bore: 101 mm
Stroke: 127 mm
Number of cylinder: Four Vertical, in line
Cubic capacity: 4/1 Litres
Induction system: Turbocharged R
Combustion system: Direct Injection
Combustion ratio: 16: 1
Direction of rotation: Clockwise viewed from front
Cooling: Liquid cooling with oil and
Weight: 378 kg
Overall dimensions:
Lenght: 814 mm
Width: 670 mm
Height: 1000 mm
Electrical system: 12 Volt
Mhzfh limp conditioning, equipped with air-crank chamber (PVC)
Auxiliary power absorption: the monetary crankshaft pulley adapter or PTO gear of choice Timing gear system through


Diesel Engine

61 kW at 2000 rpm