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About Us

MOTORSAZAN is the most successful diesel engine manufacturer which has been established in 1975 with an annual capacity of 36000 of various engines of 3, 4 and 6 cylinders based on Perkins standard. 
MOTORSAZAN prompts the continuous improvement of products by supporting the Research and Development activities to increase the variety of products of differnet types of gas engines too. 
Today MOTORSAZAN manufactures over 50 different types of applications of diesel and gas engines including: Agricultural, Industrial, Vehicle, Road and Constructional machineries and is a leading supplier of Diesel engines and related components. 
In 1996, MOTORSAZAN has been certified by the International Quality Management Standard of ISO 9002 by both DNV and SGS institutions..
Successfully meeting the requirements of these quality systems and using of advanced modern equipment, high technology and favilities at all its plants, production test process and quality assurance workshops resulted greater level of trust and satisfaction of her customers.